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HIV/AIDS is a complex disease which not only deteriorate the health condition of affected person but also will have an impact on socio economic conditions of the person. The stigma associated with the disease makes conditions further worse. Impact is not limited to individuals and is visible at national level. HIV is contributing in increased health expenditure for State, decreased household income and increased unemployment. Effective care, support and treatment is an essential part of HIV prevention.

Care and Support Centre is a national initiative to provide expanded and holistic care and support services for PLHIV. It symbolises a ray of hope in the lives of PLHIV. CSC expands access to essential services, supports treatment adherence, reduces stigma and discrimination, and improves the quality of life of PLHIV across India.

Goal: The overall goal of CSC is to improve the survival and quality of life of PLHIV.

Objectives: Specific objectives of the programme include the following:

Early linkages of PLHIV to care, support and treatment services: The CSC will support PLHIV in early linkage to care, support and treatment services.

Improved treatment adherence and education for PLHIV: Adherence education and support can help the PLHIV sustain and manage their treatment regimes.

Expanded positive prevention activities: Early testing and diagnosis will be encouraged through appropriate counselling and peer support. All who are tested will be supported to engage their sexual partners, family members and children toward testing.

Improved social protection and wellbeing of PLHIV: The CSC will facilitate linkage to the existing social welfare and protection schemes under different line departments, corporate sector, public sector undertakings, and faith based organisations, and civil society organizations.

Strengthened community systems and reduced stigma and discrimination:  To ensure a robust system that supports the program goal and ensures stigma and discrimination free access to quality services.        

Constant reinforcement of key messages, peer counselling on positive living identifying opportunistic infections like TB on time, ensuring adherence, home visit to ensure family support and linking the client to various social welfare schemes etc are different activities of Care and Support programme which helps clients to cope with the disease and regular on treatment.

Differentiated care is a client-centred approach that simplifies and adapts HIV services across the cascade to reflect the preferences and expectations of various groups of people living with HIV (PLHIV) while reducing unnecessary burdens on the health system. By providing differentiated care, also called differentiated service delivery, the health system can reallocate resources to those most in need.

A program for HIV infected and affected children sponsored by Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited since 2008. The aim of the program is to improve the quality of life of CLHIV

 by providing monthly support for  Education and Nutrition,  capacity building of the children thus helping them to be independent inspite of living with HIV infection. Initially starting with 28 children the program now supports 90 children with the continuous support of CPIL . Information provided to the children during monthly meetings on subjects like health & hygiene, Home based care, ART Adherence and proper diet help the children to maintain good health and lead a normal life. Company volunteers train the children on educational subjects like verbal English, Maths, Art and Crafts and Skill Development.  Company volunteers Mentor children in their areas of interest.

Need based counseling of Parents and caretakers is done at NTP+ Office to motivate them to lead a Positive life and help in the proper upbringing of their children. Monthly Nutrition is provided to the children which adds to their good health. A healthy child attends school regularly without the fear of Stigma and Discrimination associated with HIV. The Positive Step Team is proud to say that children from the program have completed M.COM, Hotel Management course and 2 are aspiring to become Chartered Accountants and Lawyer. The program works with HIV Infected and affected children in Government Schools across Thane District to provide them with Opportunities to Participate in the process of Development.   

Care and Support Centres (CSC):

The overall goal of Care, Support and Treatment (CST) component under NACP IV is to provide universal access to comprehensive, equitable, stigma-free, quality care, support and treatment services to all PLHIV using an integrated approach.
Based on the recommendation and priorities of NACP IV working group on care and support, the strategy of implementation of the care and support is being completely revamped to ensure cost effectiveness and sustainability. All care and support component of NACP III CCC, DIC & DLNs are brought under one roof to provide community based care and support services.

India has few or no structural policies or programmes targeting the migrant issues in totality and this segment of the population still faces exclusion from the various mainstream programmes.

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The Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PPTCT) programme was launched in the country in the year 2002 following a feasibility study in 11 major hospitals in the five high HIV prevalence states. As on 31stAugust 2016 in India there are 20,756 Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres (ICTC), most of these in government hospitals, which offer PPTCT services to pregnant women.

A Continuum of Care is a federally-recognized designation for organizations leading the charge to provide the local community with services and housing for those experiencing homelessness

The care of HIV infected people is the most challenging aspect in HIV/AIDS prevention. The

Experience shows that to mobilize the Community Support, the advocacy among PLWHAs and networking among them for creating an enabling environment is essential.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited…in association with [Network of Maharashtra by People Living with HIV/AIDS] and [Network of Positive People Living with HIV/AIDS]

Integrated Access to Care and Treatment (I ACT) for adolescents is an educational support group initiative conducted monthly by trained healthcare providers (counsellors/health promoters). It follows a defined educational curriculum of six topics including, HIV/AIDS

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Emergencies have a disproportionate effect on the poorest and most vulnerable, particularly women and children