Network in Thane by People Living with HIV/AIDS (NTP+) was formed in 2004 as a Public Charitable Trust to amplify the voices of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in the district of Thane, Maharashtra. NTP+ aims to improve care and support service delivery for all the PLHIV in Thane district. Since its formation, the network is working relentlessly and with committed leadership towards addressing the issues and concerns of PLHIV. More importantly, NTP+ is focusing on strengthening the individual capacity and community leadership to advocate inclusive service delivery for PLHIV related to social welfare schemes across departments in the state. NTP+ has its presence either through partnership or in field interventions in 34 districts of Maharashtra.  


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HIV is the virus that causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection. HIV testing can detect HIV infection, but it can’t tell how long a person has been infected with HIV or if the person has AIDS. Knowing your HIV status can help keep you—and others—safe.
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We believe in solidarity and collective actions to improve the life of People Living with HIV and are proudly affiliated with: NMP+ known as Network in Maharashtra by People Living with HIV/AIDS NCPI+ known as National Coalition of People Living with HIV in India
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