Present Projects

A Positive Step

The programme was initiated in 2008 with 38 children (0-18 years) to provide nutritional support to children either infected or affected with HIV (CLHIVs). Started with support from Colgate Palmolive India Ltd, under the programme children are trained in various life skills, and health camps are regularly organized for their families. The adolescent children are also assigned mentors for career guidance and receive sponsorship for education and skill training.

The project has benefited 150 children till date and currently caters to 81 children in Thane.

Vihaan Care and Support Centre

Vihaan Care and Support Centre (CSC) is a comprehensive unit for supporting all the PLHIVs in Thane District formed with the aim to improve their Survival and Quality of life. Started in 2013, the programme has benefited 7,000 PHLIV by facilitating timely detection and early linkages, improved treatment adherence, and positive prevention and management of opportunistic infections, especially tuberculosis. The programme has also benefited 1,500 PHLIV by facilitating their linkage to existing social welfare and protection schemes.