What We Do

A Positive Step

The programme was initiated in 2008 with 38 children (0-18 years) to provide nutritional support to children either infected or affected with HIV (CLHIVs). Started with support from Colgate Palmolive India Ltd, under the programme children are trained in various life skills, and health camps are regularly organized for their families. The adolescent children are also assigned mentors for career guidance and receive sponsorship for education and skill training.

The project has benefited 150 children till date and currently caters to 81 children in Thane.

Vihaan Care and Support Centre

Vihaan Care and Support Centre (CSC) is a comprehensive unit for supporting all the PLHIVs in Thane District formed with the aim to improve their Survival and Quality of life. Started in 2013, the programme has benefited 7,000 PHLIV by facilitating timely detection and early linkages, improved treatment adherence, and positive prevention and management of opportunistic infections, especially tuberculosis. The programme has also benefited 1,500 PHLIV by facilitating their linkage to existing social welfare and protection schemes. 

Past Projects

Positive Speakers Academy with the support of UNICEF [2006-2007]

Capacity Building Training of 3 days duration on advocacy and leadership skills to address stigma and discrimination for 300 PLHIV from Nagpur, Nandurbar, Yevatmal, Thane, and Dhule districts of Maharashtra.

Treatment Adherence and Literacy (TAAL) [2007-2010]

A private pharmacy in Kalyan to provide ART medicines to PLHIVs with 40% discount. Better treatment adherence and reduction in stigma and discrimination as many PLHIV’s accessed TAAL Clinic.

Access to Care and Treatment (ACT) with the support of the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria [2008-2010]

The project focused on ART adherence counselling and referral services for PHLIV.

Parents to Child Transmission (PPTCT): Supported by Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society (MSACS: 2008-2015) and Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL &FS: 2008 – 2015)

The project focused on HIV-infected and affected women for ANC registration, prenatal and postnatal referrals and follow-up. 

Shapath Project with support from Avert Society [2009 -2013]

The project worked on providing counselling and support services to PHLIV.

HIV Prevention, Care and Support with the support of the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) [2013-2014]

The project worked on prevention, early detection and referral services concerning HIV for 3,000 migrants in the Thane district.

Sexual, Reproductive and Human Rights (SRHR) with support from NMP+ [2013-2015]

The project focused on awareness and facilitated referrals for STDs, opportunistic infections and cancer among women living with HIV (WLHIV).

Project on Tuberculosis with the support from UNDP [2010]

The project focused on providing counselling and testing services to PHLIV; 75,000 people were screened for TB.


Supported by UNDP, the project provided employment opportunities to 15 women living with HIV (WLHIV). 

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief

Supported by Akshayashakti Trust, NTP+ provided a dry ration to 30 CL HIV for six months in 2021. In partnership with Akshaya Patra, NTP+ provided nutritional support and hygiene kits to 150 PLHIV families in March 2022.

Other Initiatives
  • Jeevansaathi – NTP+ was the first organization to start a marriage bureau for HIV-positive people in India in the year 2008. The initiative helped 72 PLHIVs find their life partners. It was later replicated by other PLHIV networks.
  • Marriage Mela (fair) was organised in coordination with the Rotary Club of Kalyan for PLHIV.
  • NTP+ has published a booklet called ‘Positive Voice’ with UNICEF.
  • Campaign for media sensitivity towards PLHIV for addressing stigma and
  • discrimination.
  • ‘Spandan’ is an initiative to facilitate access to the Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Pension Scheme for PLHIVs living in Thane District on the eve of World AIDS Day.
  • Advocacy with State Transport Corporation for a free bus pass for PLHIVs.
  • Regular sensitization and advocacy programmes with Government and Private healthcare providers in Thane district on Stigma and Discrimination.
  • Conducted medical camps for early detection of cervical cancer in Women living with
  • HIV at Bhiwandi, Thane and Kalyan in association with the Family Planning Association
  • of India (FPAI).
  • Conducted general health camp with Star Insurance for motivating PLHIVs for health
  • insurance coverage.
  • Conducted free eye testing camps with ESHA Netralaya for PLHIVs in Kalyan.
  • Conducted free dental check-up camps for PLHIVs and their children with support from Colgate Palmolive India Ltd at Kalyan.
Future Plans
  • To improve the quality of services provided to PLHIVs.
  • To introduce the Community Dispensation Model (CDM) of ART in the Thane District.
  • To start HIV screening of community members at their homes.
  • To increase Advocacy efforts in different sections of society for the maximum benefit of the
    community members.
  • 7,000 PLHIVs and their families received timely HIV care, support and referral services, enabling them to lead a healthy and positive life.
  • 1,500 PHLIV and their families availed social welfare and protection schemes, leading to
  • their social and economic empowerment.
  • 3,000 Migrants received timely HIV prevention, care and referral services, leading to a reduction in high-risk behaviour.
  • 200+ CLHIVs received regular nutritional and educational support, to enable them to lead a healthy life and receive a quality education.
  • 300 PHLIV received training on leadership and advocacy, thereby enabling them to effectively address and reduce stigma and discrimination